Clayton – Henry Clay Frick’s Wonderland

Clayton holds a special place in my heart, one of the few sites of the rare day job for yours truly.  Henry Clay Frick’s home is the only still standing from legendary “Millionaire’s Row” – including Westinghouse, Carnegie and Mellon.  Frick is most famously remembered as the man that took the bum rap over the Homestead Steel Strike, reportedly on an absent Carnegie’s orders.    The house is actually a Frederick J. Osterling renovation to a small Italianette that the family bought in the early 1880s.  Remarkably pristine, over 90% original artifacts including a remarkable Car & Carriage Museum (of largely local cars and carriages) and art museum built by the Frick’s daughter, Helen.  Interesting side note, there is a match to this home – built for Charles Schwab by Osterling in Braddock PA, currently under renovation by a private owner.  Clayton proper is worth a visit, an entire day – behind the gorgeous ornamental iron fence – time stops, and you assume that this really is what Alice felt like when she fell down the rabbit hole, take advantage of the few places that can offer that.

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